Letras de músicas de Run Away até When Screams Go Silent Lyrics

Letras de músicas de Run Away até When Screams Go Silent Lyrics
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Letras de músicas de Run Away até When Screams Go Silent Lyrics:

Ouvir música é uma terapia e tanto, eu mesmo relaxo pra caralho quando estou a escutar música. Além desse tipo de benefício em se ouvir música, há também outros benefícios, por exemplo alguma pessoas aprendem outras línguas através das músicas, e olha, até que é uma ótima forma para se aprender uma nova língua, já que ao mesmo tempo você aprende a colocação das frases dentro do contesto e também a pronúncia correta das palavras.

É importante não decorar palavras, mas sim frases, nossa lingua materna nós aprendemos ouvindo frases e não palavras, por isso foque nas frases e não unicamente em uma palavra.

Bom, então vejamos alguns links úteis contendo letras de músicas, traduções, lyrics, de várias linguas como ingles, portugues, espanhol entre outras.

Letras de músicas de Run Away até When Screams Go Silent Lyrics:

Run Away
Safe place
Schizophrenic Conversations
See Thru
Self Destruct
Take It
Tangled Up in You
Tangled up in you (tradução)
Tolerate(lp version)
Under The Blue Sky
Zoe Jane
A Kiss Is Worth A Thousand Words
Cheaper to Keep Her
Dance To The Radio
Good Liar
I Can Read Your Heart
I Can’t Live Without Your Love
I Wanna Be That Man Lyrics
I Will Be There
If I Could Do It All Again
It Takes A Man
Knock On Wood
Lights Of My Hometown
Living Out Loud
Love Changes Everything
Lovers On The Run
Old Days New
Seeing Things
She Called Me Kansas
Somebody’s Son
The American Way
This Ain’t Living
Turn It Up (I Like The Sound Of That)
Twenty Years Late
Waitin’ on the Wonderful
What Beautiful Is
You Can’t Hide Beautiful
You Get The Picture
A Hard Nut To Crack
A Hard Nut To Crack(tradução)
Ain’t No Sunshine
Ain’t No Sunshine(tradução)
Ain’t No Way
All My Life
All My Life (tradução)
Angola Bound
Ave Maria
Beautiful Night
Bells of St. Mary
Bells of St. Mary(tradução)
Betcha By Golly, Wow
Bird On A Wire
Brahms’ Lullaby
Bridge Over Troubled Water
By Heart By Soul
Can’t Stop My Heart From Loving You (The Rain Song)
Close Your Eyes
Crazy Love
Crying In The Chapel
Don’t Cry
Don’t Fall Apart On Me Tonight
Don’t Go, Please Stay
Don’t Take Away My Heaven
Dont Know Much
Down Into Muddy Waters
Earth Angel
Even If My Heart Would Break
Even Though (AKA Reality)
Every Day
Every Day Of My Life
Everybody Plays The Fool
For Every Boy There’s A Girl
For The Good Times
For Your Precious Love
Get Out Of My Life
God Made You For Me
Hey Little Alice
House On A Hill
How Could I Help But Love You
How Many Times
I Bid You Goodnight
I Can’t Change The Way You Don’t Feel
I Fall To Pieces
I Found Another Love
I Need You
I Owe You One
I’m Waiting At The Station
I’ve Done It Again (AKA Once Again)
In Your Eyes
It Feels Like Rain
Just To Be With You
La Vie Dansante
Let It Snow!
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
Let’s Live
Louisiana 1927
Love, Love, Love
Lovely Lady Dressed In Blue
Morning Has Broken
My Brother, My Brother
My Brother, My Brother (tradução)
My Brother, My Brother(Tradução)
My Precious Star
O Little Town Of Bethlehem
Over You
Please Remember Me
Pledging My Love
Save The Last Dance For Me
Say What’s In My Heart
She Took You For A Ride
Show Me The Way
Show Some Emotion
Since You’re Gone
Some Days Are Made For Rain
Somewhere, Somebody
Song Of Bernadette
Space Man
Sweet Amelia
Sweet Little Mama
Tell It Like It Is
That’s The Way She Loves
The Bells
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Duet with Linda Ronstadt)
The Grand Tour
The Look
The Lord’s Prayer
The Roadie Song
The Ten Commandments Of Love
The Ticks Of The Clock
These Foolish Things
This Is My Story/We Belong Together
Try (A Little Harder)
Use Me
Warm Your Heart
What Did I Do (To Deserve You)
White Christmas
Why Should I Fall In Love
Why Worry
With You In Mind
Wrong Number
Yes, I Love You
Yes, I Love You (tradução)
You Never Can Tell
You Think You’re So Smart
Your Sweet And Smiling Eyes
Bad For Good
Big Wheel
City Cowboy
Consider This
Don’t Even Think About It
Done You Wrong
Drivin Song
Heart Like a Hurricane
Hold My Beer
John Roland Wood
Little Things
Lonelys To The Bone
Lucky For Me
My Way
New Frontier
Perfectly Blue
Right Down The Line
Something Goin On Here
The Last Goodbye
Tipjars And Teardrops
Under The Blue Sky
Warm Safe Place
What Some People Throw Away
You Can’t Say That I Didn’t Love You
Your’re Not Gonna Miss Me
If I Were
Move Like This
Poppin’ (Move the People Pt. II)
Whispers featuring Tamia
Yes and No featuring Nicole
Nothing To Lose
So Hard To Leave
What Beautiful Is
What Beautiful Is (tradução)
La Chica de Corleone
Melodías Animadas
Can’t Hide From Your Love
Change The Way
Come To Me
Create Again
Give It All Away
Give Me Words
Give Me Words To Speak
Glory To You
I Will Wait
In Your Name
Let The People Praise
Life Itself
Like I Never Felt Before
Long Live The King
More Wonderful
My Savior My God
My Savior My God (tradução)
One Day
Stand To Praise
Stillness (Speak To Me)
The Name Of Jesus
Watch Over Me
Worthy / Let All I Do
The One
Ring Ring Ring
Begins And Ends In You
Forever An Ever
I Surrender
Let the Hallelujahs Cover You
Pray Like Breathing
The Weight is Gone
We Will Be There
You Are the One
A christmas song for all year
A Friend I Had
A Step Ahead
All In A Day’s Work
All You Can Give
Antennae’s Wife
Based On A True Story
I Wish I Were You
In The Meantime
Let Me In
Motor Cars
My Own Chapter
No Reason To Pretend
Not About To
Not All Bad
Really Something
Running In My Head
Sick Inside
Signing My Name
So Discreet
Sweeter Than Me
The Boy Who Stopped The World
The Kindest Days
The Patron
What Sorry Could Be
Give Me Your Mind
Lord Fill This Place
A December To Remember
A Little Dust On The Bottom
A Real Nice Problem To Have
Ain’t That a Hell Of a Note
Always Was
And I Love You
At The End Of The Day
Back When I Knew Everything
Bayou Baby
Big Boy Toys
Come Friday
Country Boy’s Tool Box
Don’t Stop (we’re Just Gettin’ Started)
Every Now and Then
Everything I Own
Five Gallon Tear
For You I Will
He Believed
Honky Tonk Super Man
How’s the Radio Know
I Believed
I Can Help
I Didn’t Come This Far (just To Walk Away)
I Got It Honest
I Miss Misbehavin’
I Promised You the World
I Was Born With a Broken Heart
I Wonder How Far
I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way
I’d Be Afraid Of Losing You
I’ll Take Love Over Money
I’m Leaving
I’ve Got a Good Memory
If Her Lovin’ Don’t Kill Me
If I Had to Do It Over
In My Wildest Dreams
Kiss This
Let’s Talk About You
Lookin’ Back At Myself
Love Like There’s no Tomorrow
Love Me Back
Lovin’ Me Into An Early Grave
Mama’a Gettin’ Ready For Christmas
Many, Many, Many Beers Ago
Mission From Hank
My Blue Angel
My Kind of Town
Nothin’ in the World
Nothing Compares To Loving You
People Like Us
Read Between the Lines
Ready To Rock In A Country Kinda Way
She Feels Like a Brand New Man Tonight
She Made A Man Out Of A Mountain Of Stone
She Made a Memory Out of Me
She’s Got a Way of Makin’ Me Forget
Somewhere Under The Rainbow
Standin’ On the Promises
Ten Pound Hammer
That’s As Close As I’ll Get to Loving You
The Best Love We Ever Made
The Call of the Wild
The Door
The Man That Came Between Us (Was Me)
The Night Shift
The Sky’s Got the Blues
The Sound of Your Goodbye
There Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong With the Radio
These Sweet Dreams
This Heart
This Old Couch
Trim Yourself to Fit the World
Twenty-Nine And Holding
Up Against You
We Cant Get Any Higher Than This
What This Country Needs
When Country Took the Throne
Where The Stars & Stripes And The Eagle Fly
Whole Lotta Love On the Line
Without Your Love
Working Man’s Ph.d.
You Are the Woman
You Gotta Start Somewhere
You’re The Only Reason For Me
You’ve Always Got Me
You’ve Got to Stand For Something
200 Miles Away
Psyche Stain
Tell Me The Truth
When it Falls Apart
Butt Funkin’
Cross My Line
Go Fly Win
Go Go Power Rangers
Go Go Power Rangers (tradução)
Go Green ranger, Go
I Will Win
Pavlov’s Frothing Dogs
Shake It
That’s the Way
The Toilet’s Flooded
We Need a Hero
White Ranger Tiger Power
3rd Gear 17
All American Country Girl
Amarillo Fair
Angels and Outlaws
Barbed Wire Halo
Blame It On Me
Blame It On Me (Tradução)
Breaker Breaker One Nine
Can’t Be A Cowboy Forever
Charlene Gene
Diesel Drivin’ Daddy
Except For Jessie
Fool’s Paradise
Good Thing Going
Haunted House
Hearts Are Breakin’ Across Texas Tonight
Heaven Help the Heart
Heyday Tonight
Honky Tonkin’ Around Texas
I Don’t Want You to Go
I Met Jesus In A Bar
I’ve Always Loved You
If You’re Not in Love
Im A Memory
In Harms Way
Kentucky Coal Miner’s Prayer
Lonely Lubbock Lights
Long Vacation
Love Makin’ Song
Mackenzie Park
Messing With a Man on a Mission
Next To Heaven
Notel Motel
Off the Record
Rollercoaster Ride
San Angelo
She’s Not Just Another Pretty Face
Shut Up and Dance
Some never will
Something With a Swing to It
Songs About Saturday Night
Stuck Between a Rock and a Heartache
That’s What I Like About A Country Song
The Heart Of Life
The Honky Tonk Kid
The Notel Motel
The Right Place
True Love Ways
Unbelievably Beautiful
Wake Up And Smell The coffee
What She Don’t Know
What’s Her Name
When Those Aggies Move To Austin
Where The River Flows
Whiskey On The Fire
Wish I Could Say I’d Been Drinking
Would You Love Me In A Trailer
Wrangler Butts
Destilando Amor
El Reloj Cucú
Endulsame El Oido
Llora mi corazon
No voy a llorar
Piel a Piel
Todo me gusta de ti
Y que me importa
Als Je Niets Te Doen Hebt
Ballade Van De Roversbende
Beetje wazig
Boter Op Het Hoofd
Daar Kan Ik Niet Tegen
Dat Overkomt Iedereen Wel ’s
Dat Soort Meisjes
De Eindeloze Scheldpartij
De Jongen, Die Om Sinterklaas Lachte
Heremejee, Ik Heb Een 2
Het einde Van Een Vriendschap
Ik ga met Marrianneke
Je Bent Een Liegbeest
Klein Gebrek
Lach Je Krom
Leve De Domoren
Naar Frankrijk
Overgeirriteerde Moeder
Perpetuum Mobile
Uda Man
Aus Dem Vereisten Unterholz Verschneiter Wälder
Der Schwur unserer Ahnen
Der Stille Schrei
Des Waldes Frostiger Hauch
Die Flöten des Pan
Dunkle Romantik
Im Schattenlicht, Zwischen Den Welten
Mit Raben Und Wölfen
Unter Dem Mitternachtshimmel
Punjaban Soni Lagdi
Tumse Hi Pyaar Karna Hai
Interstellar Death Race
The Mechanical Womb
Wanderers of the PostApocalypse
A Night In The Wild Garden
A Night In The Wild Garden (tradução)
Chamas do Destino
Farewell (Tradução)
Flames of Destiny
The Mirror
The Mirror (tradução)
Penso Que Não Irei
Ien ’t Duuster
Ik Ben Directeur
Get Up
Get Up (move Your Body)
The Hitman
The Real World
A Ya Ya
Dunia Begitu Indah
Hari-hari Bersamamu
Nyanyian Cintamu
Song Of Earth
The Rhythm Of Love
Born To Learn
Casual Dreams
Different Horizons
Inner Dark
M.T.V. (Muse Trough Veins)
Missing Parts
Need For A Change
21 Gun Salute Or Firing Squad
Devastation and Demise
Multiple Stab Wounds
My Favorite Food Is You
Number Three
Don’t You Know I’m Clear
Every Good Feeling
Feeding Feelings
I Feel It Just For You
I Promisse
Just Imagination
Quicksand Of Me
The Sense Of My Life
Thw Waltz Of My Life
Unofficial Logic
A Benguela
A Lua
A Onda Rolou Na Praia
A Palha Do Coqueiro
A Vida De Mestre Bimba
Abadá Capoeira
Aruanda ê
Bahia Quem Tem Dendê
Bate Asa Araúna
Berimbau Me Falou
Besouro Preto
Bimba Ensina Eu
Camisa Mestre Mandingueiro
Capitão Do Mato
Capoeira Abadá
Capoeira Brasileira
Capoeira De Angola
Cem Anos De Mestre Bimba
Cuidado Moço
Curva De Rio
Dona Nair
E Bimba E Bimba
Faca De Ponta
Faca De Tucum
Festa Da Penha
Foi Mestre Bimba
Hoje Tem Capoeira
Lá Na Bahia
Luanda Eu Volto
Manoel Dos Reis Machado
Mestre Dos Mestres
Na Vida Se Cai
Navio Negreiro
Nó de Rosa
Noite Sem Lua
O Berimbau
O Berimbau Pede Paz (campanha Da Paz)
O Navio Negreiro
Põe No Chão
Presença De Mestre Bimba
Regional de Bimba
Rio De Janeiro
Salve Seu Bimba
Sangue Bom (campanha Doação De Sangue)
São Bento Grande Mandou Me Chamar
Saudade (doendo O Coração)
Sou Abadá-capoeira
Tocador De Berimbau
Toques Do Berimbau
Vôo Da Iúna
Zum Zum Zum
A Last Letter From a lost Soul
Cancellation Of Life
Erasure Head
Mind Conflict
Waterfall of red Tears
A Kandarian Odyssey
Carrion Caresses
Centrefold Redemption
Dead Again
Embrace The Vicious
Entrusted With Disgust
Eternal Solitude Forbidden
Global Bastardisation
He Sells Agony
Hour of The Dog
I Hate
Now Below
Raping Ground
Self Portrait of Hatred
Temple Of Rancid Filth
Terminate by Battery
The Sharing Of Thoughts With The Dead
Trauma Is The Trigger
Vile Pleasures Of Transfiguration
A Vida é Bela
Cancellation Of Life
Erasure Head
Hopelessness Enlightened
In Reality We Suffer
Piles Of Pigs
Trauma Is The Trigger
Will Gladly Perish
Casa de Praia
Ela Vem
Existe Uma Coisa Que é O Brilho do Sol
Freud Tá Tentando Entender
Me Levar
O céu mais perto do mar
O Que Me Faz
Onde Está Meu Coração
Poeira Estelar
Quanto é Mais
Xote Down (Meio Deus , Meio diabo)
Bilu Bilu
A Vegan Ate My Breakfast
Another Year
Back To School
Bad Influence
Barkley Said It Best
Berridge And Cecil
Beta Blocking Me
Blessed With Injury
Broadway Auditor
Camping Rules
Catch A Fish
Dirty Megazines
Dorm Phase
Dying Wish
End Of The World
Fuck Machine
Giddy Up
Girls Fart Too
Hail Gingerale
Hay River
I Can’t Afford It
I’d Rather Be In Eve
Let Me Help You With That
Looking Forth
My Friends Are Dead
Newfie Boy
Numb Stuck Stumbling Drunk
Oh Well
One Tuesday Night
Open Your Head
Our Story
Party People
Pop Culture
Smarten Up Sam
So Long Distraction
Stuck In Stone
Stupid Little Shithead
Ten Days
The Novelty Slut Song
The World
We Don’t Belong Here
Where I Died
Who I Am
You Want It
Gone Away
Haunting Me
I Am
In Hopelessness Enlightened
In Reality We Suffer
In Sorrow
In Sorrow Too
La Casa Donde Yo Crecí
Piles Of Pigs
Steps Of Me
Stillborn Persistence
Stronger As One
The Man I Can’t Stand
Tomorrow’s Son
Trauma Is The Trigger
Will Gladly Perish
World Of Gray
Locomotive breath (Jethro Tull-Cover)
Lost but not forgotten
No other time
Praise but one
Road song
Scylla & Charibdis
Someone’s Desire
The sad, the damned, the dead
World of hurt
Falls Apart
The Message
Bitch Please
Boat-Sluts And Buzzcuts
Experts In Empathy
Blinded By Vengence
Dannys Speach
Death Upon
Defensless Being
Dooms Day
From Lies Come Truth
Into The Dark
Take It
The Unholy
Bloodpus Ejaculation
Cross The Styx
Purulent Purgation
9 Billion
Armed To The Teeth
Army Of Me
Blood (tradução)
Clone High (Extended Version)
Clone High Theme Song
Clone High Theme Song (tradução)
Get Over It
Good Bye Song
I’m Stupid
Lethal Killers
Maybe Than Some Day
Mercy Kiss
Never (Tradução)
Red Flag
Ruin Your Life
Sailing Seas
Seed (Tradução)
Sooner or later
Start Over
Start Over (Tradução)
Suburban Muse
Sunny Day
The catalyst
The Remedy
The Remedy (tradução)
Tighter Noose
Waiting to panic
Abare-spirit Forever
Aoki Jounetsu
Bakuryuu Gattai! Abaren’ou
Bakuryuu Kazoeuta
Bakuryuu Mambo de Tera! Kera! Pura!
Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger
Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger (portugues)
Dainogattsu Ga Tomaranai
Dead End Game
Fight For The Earth!!
Hamonika No Uta
Kibun Wa Max!
Kimi Wa Only One
Koi Suru Yatsudenwani
Taiyou Wo Ikko
We are the One
Blood, World , Flesh, Winter
Last Man’s Last Way
Ace Of Spades
Back To Hell
Bring On The Damned
DonÂ’t Walk Alone
Game Of Death
Hammer Of The Gods
Night Of The Knife
Nothing Sacred
S.B.D. (Feel The Fire)
Screams From The Grave
Stronger Than Evil
Temptations Of The Flesh
The Enemy
The Living And The Dead
The Only Safe Place
Under My Skin
Vicious Attack (MANIAC)
Ancient Steel
And the Skies Opened
Buried in Hell
Calling The Spirits Of The Dead (Intro)
Death and Necromancy
Sacraments of the Final Atrocity
The Citadel of Lies
Weapon of Unholy Wrath
Where the Depths Last Forever
Até o Fim
Menina Pirada
Mil Beijos de Amor
Minha Maior Conquista
Nem Sinal do Nosso Amor
Quem Sabe Soa Verdade
Sem Poder Falar
Sem Você Eu Não Existo
Sem Volta
Versos e Canções
Vinte e quatro horas
Al Andar (Move On – in Spanish)
Al Andar (tradução)
Andante Andante
Andante Andante (Espanhol)
Andante Andante (tradução)
Angeleyes (tradução)
Another Town, Another Train
Another town, another train (tradução)
As Good As New
As Good As New (tradução)
Att Finnas Till
Baby (tradução)
Bang-a-boomerang (tradução)
Burning My Bridges
Burning My Bridges (tradução)
Cassandra (tradução)
Chiquitita (espanhol)
Chiquitita (tradução)
Conociendome, Conociendote (Knowing Me Knowing You) (espanhol)
Crazy World
Crazy World (tradução)
Crying Over You
Crying Over You (tradução)
Dame! Dame! Dame!
Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)
Dance (While The Music Still Goes On) (tradução)
Dancing Queen
Dancing Queen (Espanhol)
Dancing Queen (tradução)
Disillusion (tradução)
Does Your Mother Know
Does Your Mother Know (tradução)
Dream World (tradução)
Dream World
Dum Dum Diddle
Dum Dum Diddle (tradução)
Eagle (tradução)
El Andar
Elaine (tradução)
Estoy SoNando (I Have A Dream) (espanhol)
Every Good Man
Every Good Man (tradução)
Fernando (espanhol)
Fernando (Suéco)
Fernando (tradução)
Free As A Bumble Bee
Free As A Bumble Bee (tradução)
Funky Feet
Get On The Carousel
Get On The Caroussel (tradução)
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) (tradução)
Givin’ A Little Bit More
Givin’ A Little Bit More (tradução)
Gonna Sing You My Lovesong
Gonna sing you my lovesong (tradução)
Gracias Por La Musica
Hamlet III (tradução)
Hamlet III
Hamlet III (tradução)
Happy Hawaii
Happy Hawaii (tradução)
Happy New Year
Happy New Year (tradução)
Hasta Manana
Hasta MaNana (tradução)
He Is Your Brother
He Is Your Brother (tradução)
Head Over Heels
Head Over Heels (tradução)
Heaven Is a Place on Earth
Heaven Is a Place on Earth (tradução)
Hej Gamle Man!
Hello, Old Man
Hello, Old Man (tradução)
Here Comes Rubie Jamie
Here Comes Rubie Jamie (tradução)
Hey Hey Helen
Hey Hey Helen (tradução)
Hole In Your Soul
Hole In Your Soul (tradução)
Honey Honey
Honey Honey (tradução)
Hovas Vittne
Hovas Vittne (tradução)
I am An A
I am An A (tradução)
I Am Just A Girl
I Am Just A Girl (tradução)
I Am The City
I am The City (tradução)
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (tradução)
I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
I Have A Dream
I Have a Dream (tradução)
I Let The Music Speak
I Let The Music Speak (tradução)
I Saw It In The Mirror
I Saw It In The Mirror (tradução)
I Wonder (Departure)
I Wonder (Departure) (tradução)
I’m A Marionette
I’m A Marionette (tradução)
I’ve Been Waiting For You
I’ve Been Waiting For You (tradução)
If It Wasn’t For The Nights
If It Wasn’t For The Nights (tradução)
In The Arms Of Rosalita
In The Arms Of Rosalita (tradução)
Just A Notion
Just A Notion (tradução)
Just Like That
King Kong Song
King Kong Song (tradução)
Kisses Of Fire
Kisses Of Fire (tradução)
Knowing Me, Knowing You
Knowing Me, Knowing You (tradução)
Lay All Your Love On Me
Lay All Your Love On Me (tradução)
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room (tradução)
Love Isn’t Easy
Love Isn’t Easy (tradução)
Love IsnÂ’t Easy (but It Sure Is Hard Enough)
Lovelight (tradução)
Lovers (Live A Little Longer)
Lovers (Live A Little Longer) (tradução)
Mamma Mia
Mamma Mia (espanhol)
Mamma Mia (tradução)
Man In The Middle
Man In The Middle (tradução)
Me And Bobby And Bobby’s Brother
Me And Bobby And Bobby’s Brother (tradução)
Me And I
Me And I (tradução)
Medley (Pick A Bale Of Cotton /On Top Of Smokey /Midnight Special)
Merry-Go-Round (tradução)
Money Money Money (tradução)
Money, Money, Money
Move On
Move On (tradução)
My Love My Life
My Love My Life (tradução)
My Mama Said
My Mama Said (tradução)
Nina, Pretty Ballerina
Nina, Pretty Ballerina (tradução)
No Hay A Quien Culpar
On And On And On
On And On And On (tradução)
On Top Of Old Smokey
One Man, One Woman
One Man, One Woman (tradução)
One Of Us
One Of Us (tradução)
Our Last Summer
Our Last Summer (tradução)
People Need Love
People Need Love (tradução)
Put On Your White Sombrero
Put On Your White Sombrero (tradução)
Ra Ra Rasputin
Reina Danzante (Dancing Queen) (espanhol)
Reina Del Baile
Rikky Rock’n’Roller
Rikky Rock’n’Roller (tradução)
Ring Ring
Ring Ring (tradução)
Rock ’n Roll Band
Rock ’n’ Roll Band (tradução)
Rock Me
Rock Me (tradução)
Rubber Ball Man
Rubber Ball Man (tradução)
S.O.S (tradução)
Santa Rosa
Santa Rosa (tradução)
She’s My Kind Of Girl
She’s My Kind Of Girl (tradução)
Should I Laugh Or Cry
Should I Laugh Or Cry (tradução)
Sitting In The Palmtree
Sitting In The Palmtree (tradução)
Slipping Through My Fingers
Slipping Through My Fingers (tradução)
So Long
So Long (tradução)
Soldiers (tradução)
Summer Night City
Summer Night City (tradução)
Super Trouper
Super Trouper (tradução)
Suzy-Hang-Around (tradução)
Sång Till Görel
Sång Till Görel (tradução)
Take A Chance On Me
Take a Chance On Me (tradução)
Thank You For The Music
Thank You For The Music (tradução)
That’s Me
That’s Me (tradução)
The Day Before You Came
The Day Before You Came (tradução)
The King Has Lost His Crown
The King Has Lost His Crown (tradução)
The Name Of The Game
The Name Of The Game (tradução)
The Piper
The Piper (tradução)
The Visitors (crackin` Up)
The Visitors (tradução)
The Way Old Friends Do
The Way Old Friends do (tradução)
The Winner Takes It All
The Winner Takes It All (tradução)
Tiger (tradução)
Tiveds Hambo
Tiveds Hambo (tradução)
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Tropical Loveland
Tropical Loveland (tradução)
Two For The Price Of One
Two For The Price Of One (tradução)
Under Attack
Under Attack (tradução)
Voulez-Vous (tradução)
Watch Out
Watch Out (tradução)
Waterloo (Alemão)
Waterloo (Francês)
Waterloo (tradução)
Wer Im Watersaal Der Liebe Steht
What About Livingstone
What About Livingstone (tradução)
When All Is Said And Done
When All Is Said And Done (tradução)
When I Kissed The Teacher
When I Kissed The Teacher (tradução)
Why Did It Have To Be Me
Why Did It Have To Be Me (tradução)
You Owe Me One
You Owe Me One (tradução)
Åh, Vilka Tider
Carabosse super show
Dancing Queen
Envoyez le générique
Gare au loup
L’enfant do
Lâchez mes cassettes
Mon nez, mon nez
Qu’est-ce que je vais faire plus tard?
Ace Of Spades
Back To Hell
Bring On The Damned
DonÂ’t Walk Alone
Game Of Death
Hammer Of The Gods
Night Of The Knife
Nothing Sacred
S.B.D. (Feel The Fire)
Screams From The Grave
Stronger Than Evil
Temptations Of The Flesh
The Enemy
The Only Safe Place
Under My Skin
Vicious Attack (MANIAC)
Down Here Below
I Concentrate On You
Nature Boy
Guy Of My Dreams
Breathe Again
Honey On My Grave
I’m A Fool
One Love
Sweet Georgia Pines
Boomtown café
Le coeur est un oiseau
Les mammifères
Les Yankees
A Hop, Skip, And A Jump Away
A Tribute To Wood
Bird Is The Word
Bismosquizimanitch Is My Name
Break Into Your House With A Kinko’s Copy Card
Center Ex Home/office Surge Supressor
Chile Con Carne
Choke On It, Hippie
Churnin’ Butter
Coke Is It!
Crazy Tequilla
Dance, Dance, Like You’ve Never Danced Before
Don’t Speak Spanish Very Well
Everybody Wang Chung Tonight?
Exhausted Talent
Fast Forward Through This Song
Food Is Tasty
For The Trees
Get Out Of My Car, And Stay Out!
Get Up, Get Down, Get Crazy
Hardcore Boy
Head, Shoulders, Knees, And Toes.
Hey Snoopy
How Do You Spell "maricones"?
I Am What I Am
I Can’t Believe You Made It This Far
I Don’t Care What Anyone Says, They Stole That Idea From Us!
I Love Living In The Suburbs
I Only Drink Water, Leave Me Alone, You Drunkard
I Only Want To Be With You
I Sold My Soul For A Cigarrette
I Stopped Smoking, Now Give Me Back My Soul
I’ll Kill You
Into The Sunset
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Kentucky Jones (part 2)
Kentucky Jones (part 3)
Kentucky Jones (part 4)
Kentucky Jones In, "raiders Of The Lost Bark" (part 1)
Kill Andrew With The Keyboard To My Computer
Knight Rider
Like To Play The Guitar
Midnight Madness
My Life, For But A Glass Of Water
My Love, For But A Dollar
My Mother, For But A Glass Of Crazy Tequilla
My Name Is Mud
Nectar Of The Gods
Ode To Hootie
Penchant For Penelope
Pepe’s Not Happy
Petals Of Rose
Pizza: It’s Good
Ride Like The Wind?
Sandpaper Man, Part 1
Sandpaper Man, Part 2
Sandpaper Man, Part 3
Son Of A Biscuit
Son Of A Motherless Goat
Sounds Good To Me
Sounds Like A Bad Idea To Me
Sounds Like A Load Of Dung To Me
Spadowski And His Mop
Spumous Erubescent Death
Stupid Is As Stupid Does
That’s It, We Quit
That’s My Name, Please Refrain From Wearing It Out
The Balad Of A Lonely Man, With A Chia Pet
The Call Of The Wind
The Night
The Pope Is Pissed
The Seventh Son’s Seventh Son
The Tragedy Of The Carpet
The Truth About Jimmy Hoffa
There’s Nothing Quite Like Jell-o
There’s Nothing You Can Do To Stop Me From Eating Dirt
They Call Me Bisquatch
They Never Gave Boo-berry A Chance
Tierra Del Mundo
Trumpet Troubles
Trumpet Troubles, Continued…
We Hate Hippies And Drugs
We’ll Be Back, Chumps…
We’re Gonna Be Rich
What Happened To Mr. T?
What, You’re Still Listening? Turn Off The Turntable
When The Clock Sounds
Why, Yes, I Would Like Another!
Yeah, I Shot The Sheriff. What Are You Gonna Do About It, Tough Guy?
Yo! A.l.e. Raps
Your Mother!
¿te Gustan Las Calamares?
¿that Pretty PiNata?
Here Comes Me
Mega Boogie
Poor Love
The End
Up We Go
Seven Year Itch
I Like Cows!!!
Ask For More
Freaky Friday
Look Around
Men Wanted
Nothing Except My Life
What Do You Know About Love
Bye Bye Granny
Dead At 17
Frankenstein Mobster
Human Stew
I’m Outta Here
Scream Karen Black
Sundown In Zombie Town
15 Storey Halo
4 Ever 2 Gether
A King Without A Crown
A To Z
All Of My Heart
All of Your Heart
All That Matters
Answered Prayer
Ark Angel
Ask A Thousand Times
Bad blood
Be Near Me
Between You & Me
Bite the hand
By Default By Design
Date Stamp
Fear of the world
Heaven Knows
Hey Citizen
How To Be A Millionaire
How to Be a Millionaire (tradução)
I’m In Love With You
If I Ever Thought You’D Be Lonely
Jealous Lover
King Money
Lights years
Love Conquers
Love Is It’s Own Reward
Love’s A Dangerous Language
Many happy returns
Never More Than Now
Ocean Blue
One Better World
One Day
Only the best will do
Paper thin
Poison Arrow
Power Of Persuasion
Prayer By Default
Rage & Then Regret
Rhinestone Cowboy
Rolling Sevens
Say It
Seven day weekend
Show Me
So hip it hurts
Stranger things
Tears Are Not Enough
That Was Then But This Is Now
The Greatest Love Of All
The Look Of Love
The Night You Murdered Love
The real thing
Think again
This Must Be Magic
Tower of London
United Kingdom
Unlock The Secrets Of Your Heart
Valentine’s Day
Vanity Kills
Viva Love
Welcome to the real world
Whats Good About Goodbye?
When Smokey Sings
Where Is The Heaven
Who Can I Turn To?
A Banca
ABC Clube do Povo
ABCdista de corpo e alma
Alô Deus
Alvinegro alegria do povo
Aonde fores ABC
Eterno Campeão
Pelo canco lutar
Blij gebleven
The Rock ’N’ Roll Devil
Corazon de Diabla
Vivelo a lo loco Chambo
No Escuro
No Papel
Preciso de Você
Se Arrependimento Matasse
Seca Nunca Mais
12 Septembre
Adam Et Eve
Ce Monde, Ma Muse
Fleurs De Lune
Il Se Rêve Debout
Je Regarderai Pour Toi Les étoiles
La Gravité
Le Grand Frère
Le Langage Du CÂœur
Les Autres
Lettre à Mon Père
Mourir à 30 Ans
Ode à L’amour
Rentrer Chez Moi
Soldat De Plomb
Sur La Place Des Grands Hommes
Ala Ad Al Shok In Return For The Love
Ala Hesb Wedad
Bitlimoni Leih
El Massih
Fatet Ganbena She Came Between Us
Gabar Strong
Gana El Hawa The Mood Struck Us
Hawel Teftekerni
Kariat El Fingan The Coffeecup Reader
Mawood Ive Been Promised
Nebtedy Menein El Hekaya
Olly Haga
Resala Men Taht El Maa
Sauah (tradução)
Zay El Hawa
Babylon Wall
Dust Under Carpet
Human Behaviour
Loose We Now
My Decision
Paul Bogle
Ruffest Times
Strange World
Troubled Waters
Adarghal (The Blind IN Spirit)
Great Is The True Living God The Eternal King
The Consuming Fire
The Lord Is Enthroned As King Forever
The Mighty One
Canção do Soldado Capixaba
Aren’t We All (Hero)
Baby Food
Benjamin And Jumble
Fire Tender Red
I Don’t Know
I’m Innocent Like Vinnocent
Just Shut Up!
Just Three Days
Loser’s Walk
Maria’s Umbrella
Murder on Dahlberg Road
Nazi Girl
Punk Confetti
Queen Bitch
There S Nobody Less Rock N Roll
All Night
American Girl
Drive In
Emo Kids
High School Is Sh*t
I Just Wanna Stand Next To You
Is It Really Like That
Johnny Is A Drunk
Judy Is A Serial Killer
Never Wanna Let You Go
Nobody Wants You Around
Skinhead Boneheads
Terminal Lust
The Abducted Hate You
Waste Of Time
Whatever It Is I Don’t Care
You’re a Slug
Elvien Kuolleiden Y
Enimmkseen Harmiton
Hiljaiset Hetket
Juokse Tai Kuole
Kielletty Ajosuunta
Kuolleiden Runoilijoiden Seura
Lhempn Tulta
Log Out
Maailmanloppua Odotellessa
Murheelisen Maan Laulu
Musta Surma Toinen Maailmansota Ja Sin
Niin Lhell Niin Kaukana
Pari Valittua Sanaa
Poissa Silmist Poissa Mielest
Soitellen Sotaan
Tarkkailla Ja Rangaista
Tm Kaupunki
Tuli Kulje Kanssani
Tyon Antisankari
Viimeinen Mies
Eu quero
Joguei Com o Seu Coração
Mulher Feia
Awakening The Colossus
Earth’s Answer
Journey To The Orange Island
Lotus Eaters
Lucifer In Starlight
Now Is The Winter
Proverbs Of Hell
The Black Ones
The Path To Enlightenment
Visions Of The Daughters Of Time
Ahu Gözlüm (Gel De)
Ben Olsam (Bahar Ayý Geldi)
Daðlar (Boranýn Kýþý)
Duru Cevher Satýyorum
Haber Gözler Gözlerim
Hakir Görme (Hoca)
Karlý Daðlar Gibi Senin Baþýndan
Tutuldum (Bu Yýllýk Da Gidemedim)
Yarim Uyanmaz (Gaflet Uykusu)
Yayla Zamaný (Yine Bahar Geldi)
Þu Yaylanýn Oylumuna
Akai Hana
Answer Me
Kimi Wo Tsurete Iku
Kimi wo Tsureteiku
Mamotte Ageru Yo
Mizutamari No Naka No Tsuki
Our Song
Rolling Stone
Suteru No Wa Hirou Tame Naku No Wa Warau Tame Ni
Wish for Loving – aisetara ii noni
Good morning
Just One More Chance
Little old lady
Never swat a fly
Of thee I sing
Everywhere You Go
16sai no Koi Nante
22sai no Watashi
Ai Hitohira
Ai Hitohira (tradução)
Amasugita Kajitsu
Anata Iro
Chotto zutsu ne
Datte Ikitekanakucha
Erebeeta Futari Pocchi
Gakusei Jidai
Haha to Musume no Duet Song (Abe Natsumi & Okeisan)
Iki wo Kasanemashou
IÂ’m in Love
Koi no Hana
Koi No Hana (tradução)
Koi No Jealousy Moushiagemasu
Koi No Telephone Goal
Koi no Telephone Goal (Inglês)
Koishita Onna no Ko Dosue
Nichiyoubi WhatÂ’s Going On
Ol No Jijou
Pi~hyara Kouta
Pi~hyara Kouta (Inglês)
Shousetsu no Naka no Futari
Sora Life Goes On
Suiito Horikku
Sweet Holic
Toukyou michikusa
Toumorokoshi To Sora To Kaze
Toumorokoshi To Sora To Kaze (inglês)
Ude Kunde Kaeritai
Ude Kunde Kaeritai (Inglês)
Watashi no Koibito na no ni
Yume Naraba
Yuugure sakusen kaigi
Yuuyakezora (Inglês)
Za Sutoresu (the Stress)
Fazer Feliz
História sem fim
Medo de te perder
Papai Me Dá Uma Moto
Sem ter você
Não Sou Mais o Mesmo
Nosso Lugar
Deja Las Luces Bien Bajas
Ella Es Mía
Estoy Solo
Juan Público
Ningun Hombre Es Una Isla
Separarse Es Tan Dificil
Te Amo Tanto
Una hermosa apariencia
Vas a Dejarme
Sweet You
3 Dagen Zon
Als Ik Je Zie
De Stilte Voorbij
Dit Is Van Mij
het leven lacht naar jou
Hoezeer Je Wil
In mijn slaap
Met De Deur Op Slot
Neem Me Mee
Nooit Meer Bang
Nooit Meer Dromen
Onder De Toren
Test Ron
Tijd Genoeg
Tot Het Je Raakt
Waar Naartoe
Wachten Op Jou
Zonder Een Woord
A Mulher Mais Linda
A Noite Do Nosso Amor
Adeus por toda vida
Aquela Ingrata
As tres namoradas
Berrante Assassino
Bolo de Terra
Chora Viola
Espora de Ouro
Fita Verde
Folha de Espada
Laço do Boi Soberano
Lugar dos Meus Sonhos
Mamãe Amorosa
O Cachorro e o Menino
O Fazendeiro e o Diabo
O Ipê E O Prisioneiro ( Ipê Florido )
O milagre da traição
O Mineiro E O Italiano
O Poder da Fé
O Sonho
Orquestra da natureza
Pinha No Pinheiro
Primeira Ilusão
Quarto de Saudade
Rio de Lágrimas
Santa Luzia
Se Os Animais Falassem
Selo De Sangue
Ultimo adeus
Velhas Cartas
Aunque Seas Mujer
Azúcar, pimienta y sal
De macho
De puro curda
De qué podemos hablar
Déjame hablar
El último guapo
Frente a la facultad
Frente al estaNo
Jamás lo vas a saber
La misma canción
Lo que vos te merecés
Mala yerba
Mi viejo querido
Nuestra última partida
Qué tenés que hablar de mi
Si vos no me querés
SueNo malevo
Te quedaras en mi vida
Te quiero más
Todo lo que negué
Tus viejas palabras
Un poco menos que morir
Una cita con el tango
Vos hacés lo que querés
Y algún día
Y llorarás como yo
Y mientes todavía
Y no le erré
Y no puedo olvidarte
Y no te voy a llorar
Y te parece todavía
Y te tengo que esperar
Y todavía te quiero
Y todo es mentira
Y volvemos a querernos
Toma Mi Corazón
Dama de vermelho
Duas Caras
E se ela for feliz
Meu samba vai beber filosofia
O amor em nós
Preciso encontrar-te urgentemente
Bailando Con Tu Sombra
Bella Flor
Botellas al mar
Canción Que Acuna
DueNos del Amor
El Alcatraz
El Rio Va
El Sabor Del Mar
Filosofía viajera
Himno de Mi Corazón
La Sachapera
La Soledad
Luna Llena
Ojos De Cielo
Para Cantar He Nacido
Quien pudiera
SueNo Dorado
Todo está en vos
Tu Voz
Un Soplo De Amor
A Família
Brisa do Mar
Jura Secreta
Simples Carinho
Voz E Suor
40 Días
A Quien Corresponda
Aguanta Corazón
Aquí me Quedo
Caída Libre
Canción de Amor
Canción de Ojos Cerrados
Canción pequeNa
Cicatrizarse el Corazón
Cuando me Besa
De la Trova al Rock and Roll
De Que Te Acuerdas?
Debe ser Dificil ser Mujer
Después de Ti
Don Juan Ha Muerto
El Cuentacuentos
El Dragón
El Espejo
El Héroe
El Limite de pi
El Maldito Abel
El Viejo Pirata
Ella lo Sabe
Ella y Yo
Es Demasiado
Esa Mujer
Hay una Mujer
Historia de un ángel sin Alas
Imaginate que Yo
La ExtraNo
La Llave
La Lluvia
La Panza
La Tempestad
Lights Off
Los Pegasos
Molto Triste
Nada Más
Ni Una Lágrima
No Quiere Saber de Mí
Noche de Duendes
Pideme la Noche
Plegaria del Portarretratos
Pobre de Ti
Por Ella Yo
Que no Muera el Amor
Quiero ser tu Pasado
Rosa de los Vientos
Sin Ti
Solo y Sin Ti
Tu Prisionero
Un Hombre Común
Ya no me Inspiras Nada
¿Que Fue de Ti?
¿Qué Pasaría?
A Tí Sea La Gloria
Al unico y sabio Dios
Alaben Su Nombre
Ante El SeNor
De Tal Manera
Dispuesto Estoy
él Es El único Dios
Guardame en Tu Presencia
Jesús Mi Fiel Amigo
No Temere
Palabras de Verdad
Quiero Agradecerte
Quiero Decirle Al Mundo
Se Oye Una Nueva Canción
Te Pertenezco
Tómame En Tus Brazos
Venid y Adoremos
Rap da Baixada
A Carta
Ao Mestre Com Carinho
As Crianças e Os Animais
Dia de Paraíso
Era Pra Durar
Festinha de Arromba
O Dono da Terra
O Dragão e a Sereia
O gato-to
O Herói
O Meu Grande Amor
Pra Te Ganhar
Song 4 U
Space Junk
Take A Lick
Um Novo Amor
Anata No Kokoro Ni
Treat Or Goblins
Anata No Kokoro Ni
In Your Heart
Treat or Goblins
Big Socks
Big socks(tradução)
Happy Clowns
Happy clowns(traduçao)
So Ein Bescheuerter Song
Comeback Kid
Porn Star
In My Sleep
Sunny In California
Another Seven Years
Another Seven Years (tradução)
Best Chances Are Gone
Empty Roof
Final Bout
God Is Going To Get Sick Of Me
In Combat
In Somebody’s House
In The Shadows
Popular Music
Pretty Pet
Pretty Pet (Tradução)
Sixty Lives
Stay Still
The Arrival
The Protagonist
Abstraction Of An Eternal Scroll
Anthem Of Westbridge
Because It Can’t Last
Briggs Chaney
Clock And Conquest
Here’s To Now
Inactive I
Inactive II
Inferus Exitium
Knock Down
Last Collapse
Lost In Flight
Never Tonight
Sometimes Forever
The Giant Scope
The Impermanence Of Height
The Luminous Cutter Flies
Twice In November
Under Awakening
Until Then
White After Limits
Wish We Were Here
A Friend Like You
Love Is An Arrow
Out Of Love
Slow Me Down
Something I Must Tell You
Summer’s Gone
Surly Girl
Tie One On
Vegetarian Restaurant
What You do
Young Forever
De Te Fabula Narratur
Am Unfallort
Sieh’ mir in die augen
Der Zeitreisende
Book 2: Lanrutcon Nyarlathotep
Book 3: The Eye Yog-Sothoth
Book 4: From Thy Beyond Shub-Niggurath
Book 5: Aren Anul Al Ottos Ailgattab Hastur
Book 6: Nominato Essere Deve Non Colui Htohtaza
Countess Bathory
Disharmonic Requiem
No Mortiis
Odal Rune
Alone In The Street
Lady Abhema
Slaves Of Time
Thirst For Blood
Aaj Hai Sagaai
Aanchal Raat Ka
Aane Wala Pal
Aankhen Bhi Hoti
Aankhon Mein Base Ho Tum
Aap Kahan Rehte Hain
Aap Mujhe Achche Lagne Lage
Aapse Mohabbat Ho Gayi
Ae Nazneen Suno Na
Aetbaar Aetbaar
Aisa Koi Zindagi Mein Aaye
Alvida Alvida
Aur Kya Aur Kya
Baadshah O Baadshah
Badal Bijli
Badi Mushkil Hai
Bahut Khoobsurat Ho
Baje Jo Bansi
Balle O Gori Baake Chhore
Banke Savera Aayi Ho
Barsaat Bhi Aakar
Chaand Taare Tod Laoon
Chalte Chalte
Chand Ko Tod Dunga
Chhota Sa Ghar Hai Yeh Magar
Chhoti Chhoti Khushiyan
Chidiya Tu Hoti To
Chim Chimni
Chori Chori Sapnon Mein
Chori Chori Sapnon Mein Sad
Chunari Chunari
Darwaaze Pe Tere Baaraat
De Taali
Deewana Dil Bekaraar Tha
Dekhte Dekhte Hum
Dekhte Hi Dekhte
Dil Chura Liya
Dil Le Le Dil De De
Dil Le Le Lena
Dil Suntaa Hai
Dilbara Eh Dilbara
Dulhania Dulhania
Ek Baar Tum Aana
Ek Jahan One World
Ek Kunwaara
Ek Pappi De De Mujhe
Haal Kaho Aur Haal Suno
Ham Hain Mast Maula
Hamara Dil Hamein De Do
Har Kasam Se Badi Hain
Hare Krishna Hare Rama
Hasate Ho Rulate Ho
Haye Ram
Ho Gayi Taiyaar Hamari Army
Hum Nahin Tere Dushmano Mein
Hum Rahe Ya Na Rahe
Hum To Deewane Huay Yaar
Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai
I Am The Best Male
Ishq Chupta Nahin
Jaana Maine
Jaana Zindagi Se Na Jana
Jaane Tu Jaane Na
Jaata Hai Tu Kahan
Jab Bhi Koi Ladki
Jab Se Main Zara
Jab Tak Rahega Seene Mein Dil
Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hai
Jise Maine Maanga
Kabhi Mausam Hua Resham
Kabhi Sharmaake Kabhi Muskuraake
Kabhi Yaado Mein Aao
Karele Ki Shaadi
Kaun Kehta Hai
Kehna Hai Jo Dilse Kaho
Khwaabon Mein Aana Jaana
Kisson Mein Suna Tha
Kitabain Bahut Si Padhi Hongi
Kitnaa Pyara Pyara Hai Samaa
Koi Chahe Kuchh Kahe
Koi Lauta De Woh
Kuch To Bata
Kuchh To Kaho
Kya Tujhe Pata Hain Main
Lafzon Mein Keh Na Saku
Lamha Lamha Teri Ada
Love Story
Main Hoon Na (sad)
Main Khiladi Tu Anari
Main Koi Aisa Geet Gaoon
Main Ladki Po Po
Main Rahoon Na Rahoon
Main Toh Hu Paagal
Main Tujhse Aise Miloon
Maine To Khai Kasam
Mangalam Ganesham
Mar Jawaan Mit Jawaan
Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika
Meri Chahto Ka Samunder To Dekho
Meri Mehbooba Hai Tu
Milte Hi Unpe Dil Aa Gaya
Mohabbat Ho Na Jaaye
Monday Bhi Ho
Mr Lova Lova
Muhabbatein Lutaaunga
Mukhtasar Si Ek Hasi Mulakat Mein
Mushkil Hain Badi Mushkil Hain
Na Jaane Kyon
Neendon Mein Khwaabon Ka Silsila
O Haseena Zulfonwali
O Yaaro Maaf Karna
Om Jai Jagadish
Peena Hain Pilana Hain
Pehle Bhi Roz
Pyaar Se Pyaar Hum
Pyar Bhara Ek Khat
Pyar Humko Hone Laga
Pyar Ke Kaagaz Pe
Pyar Pyar Karte Karte
Resham Jaisi
Roshni Se Bhare Bhare
Saajna Saajna
Sapanon Ke Des Mein
Sapne Mein Kudi
Sau Rab Di
Shaana Na
Shadi Karke
She Is A Rock Star
Shola Jaise Bhadke Re
Suniye To Rukiye To
Suno Na Suno Na
Tauba Tumhaare Yeh Ishaare
Tere Pyaar Ka Chhaaya Nasha
Teri Bindiya Udaake Le Gayi
Tham Ja Zindagi Abhijeet
Tota Mere Tota
Tu Hai Solaah
Tu Sapana Hain
Tum Agar Saamne
Tum Dil Ki Dhadkan Mein Rehte
Tum Jo Muskate The
Tum Mujhe Achche
Tum To Saagar Jaisi
Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha
Tumhein Jo Dekha
Waada Raha Sanam
Woh Ladki Jo Sabse Alag Hai
Yaad Hain Woh Pehli
Yaad Karne Se
Yaad Piya Ki Aaye
Yaar Di Shaadi
Yaar Pyaar Ho Gaya
Yaaro Chalo Jhoom Le
Yaaron Sun Lo
Ye Ladki Badi Sarfiri
Yeh Hai Style
Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai
Yeh Mann Mera Bada Hi Chaliyan
Yeh Pyaar Pyaar Kya Hai
Yeh Teri Aankhen Jhuki Jhuki
Zamane Se Puchho
Zara Sa Jhoom Loon
Zinda Hain Hum To
A New Sun
Amphiteatrum Sapientiae Aeternae
By His Hands Through Me
Dark Glory`s Magnificence
Endless Cosciential Journey
In Tuo Honori Preparatum
My Vision Of Nightsky
Plague Of Necromancer
Prologue (The Advent Of Evil Spirits)
Revelation Of The Call
Rottennes Of The Purity
Serpens. Misericordia Nociva
Shades And Conspiracy
Spellbound Atmosphere Of Fiendish Calm
Trees Of Stone
Verba Secretorum Hermetis
Wandering Stone
Dead Flowers For A Beauty School Dropout
Inborn Awakening
Lone Star Bivouac
My Nuts… Your Chin… Connection!
Precious Hate 666
Serial Murders In A Fibonacci Sequence
Support Your Local Back-alley Abortion Clinic
The Coathanger Method
The Terrorists Sleep Atop Capitol Hill
When Tubes Cease To Glow
Whiskey & Firearms
Abhorrer Existence
Always and Forever
Caught In A Vortex
Devourer Of Souls
Disintegration Of Flesh
Evoking The Abomination
Hellish Annihilation
Holy Laws Of Pain
Pestilential Mists
Pleasures Of Putrid Flesh
Reborn To Vengeance
Sacrificial Offerings
Storming Warfare
Triumph In Blasphemy
Vulgar Necrolatry
De Kracht Van Het Zwaard
Forest Of Witchery
Reich Aus Der Töten
The Black Sun
Another Chance
Beg for Mercy
Blood On Your Lips
Eternal Doubt
Face Of Terror
God Little Man
Growing Coward
Let Me Live
No Chance
One Step
Prelude Of The End
The Witch
Foi Seu Amor
Jesus, Meu Melhor Amigo
Luz Divina
Mensagem a Nação
Ninguém Te Condenará
Quando o Rei Jesus Voltar
Se o Meu Povo
10 Kleine Cecimäuse
Everybody (Idiot Free)
Da klecim necu
I sto imam i sto nemam
Kad me volis pa nevolis
Kraj jedne ljubavi
Ma kakva da si volim te
Na prijestolu sjedi sultan
Ne mogu ja bez tebe
Ne ostavljaj me za poslije
Ne, ne, ne mozes
Nije meni do mladosti
Ona prava je
Probala si bez mene
Rano je
Ruzo moja
Usne na usnama
Zbogom cigani
Zlatna staza
A Witch Named Aspilcuetta
At War
Attack with Spell
Beer ! Metal ! Sex !
Bitch! We Gonna Kill You
Bitterness … Tears
Black Metal
Black Metal Thunder
Black Princess of Hell
Confound Eternal
Damned In Hell
Death Of The Beautiful
Don’t You Wanna know
Donde Hay SueNos Hay Caminos
Hail Yakuza
Hell’s Necromancer
Hellfire And Damnation
Hey Slut!
Let The Joy Rise
Losing My Religion
Metal Got Sick
No Time
Nuclear Warheads
Oro Y Plata
Prophecy of the Evening Star
Ready for Fucking Drunk
Satanik Metal Fucking Hell!
Shoot to Kill and Die
Shooting Master
Siento Celos
Strength of Another World
Struggle To Death
Taste Defeat
The Bonehunter
The Crown Bearer
The Thunder
Videle Blues
Violence, Kill And Destruction
War 666
We’re The Pussy Hunter
Witching Hour
You Set Me Free
Full Metal Jacket
Aloha ’ia ’o Wai’anae
Coffee’s Cold
Red & Blazing
Rockabye Dixie
Single Drop Of Honey
Forced Ingestion of Binding Chemicals
From a Buried Heart
Like Carrion Birds
Melquiades (the Great Work)
The Conqueror Wyrm
Cerulean Blue
Dead People’s Review
Love Sounds
Mother May I?
Waiting Room
I Face The Eternal Winter
3D Blasphemy
A Breath From Worlds Beyond
A Breath From Worlds Beyond (tradução)
A Frozen Soul In A Wintershadow
A Frozen Soul In A Wintershadow (Tradução)
As Astral Images Darken Reality
As The Dove Falls Torn Apart
Battlefield Orphans
Battlestar Abigor
Blood and Soil
Cold Void Choir
Crimson Horizons And Ashen Stars
Dawn Of Human Dust
Demon’s Vortex
Diabolic Unity
Dimensions Of Thy Unforgiven Sins (Part I)
Dimensions Of Thy Unforgiven Sins (Part II)
Eclipse My Heart, Crown Me King
Eerie Constellation
Ein Hauch Von Kolte
Equilibrium Pass By
Exhausted Remnants
Eye To Eye At Armageddon
Galaxies and Eons Decline
I Will Be Your God
If Emotions Still Burn
In Sin
Injection Satan
Kingdom Of Darkness
Lair Of Infinite Desperation
Liberty Rises A Diagonal Flame
Luminescence of Darkness
Magic Glass Monument
Mirages For The Eyes Of The Blind
Mournful Serenade
My Last Journey
My Revenge To Come
My Soft Vision In Blood
Nocturnal Stardust
Pandemonic Revelation
Pandora’s Miasmic Breath
Plague Of Mine
Project: Shadow
Reborn Through The Gates Of Three Moons
Revealed Secrets Of The Whispering Moon
Satan In Me
Satan In Me (Tradução)
Satan’s Galaxy
Scars In The Landscape Of God
Scars In The Landscapes Of God (Tradução)
Soil of Souls
Spektrale Schattenlichter
Supreme Immortal Art
Terrible Certainty
The Battle
The Dark Kiss
The Elder God (My Dragon Magic)
The Fire Syndrome
The Legacy
The Prophecy
The Rain That Falls
The Redeemer’s Return
The Return Of The Mighty Raven
The Rising Of Our Tribe
The Spirit of Venus
The Truth Is Sold
Towards Beyond
Tu Es Diaboli Juna
Ubique Daemon
Universe Of Back Divine
Unleashed Axe-Age
Untamed Devastation
Utopia Consumed
Vapourized Tears
Wildfire And Desire
Aviso Prévio
Cabeça Oca
Coração indeciso
Encrequeira, Fofoqueira
Genro Odiado
Vou Fechar o Cabaré
A orquestra não pode parar
America Morena
As Moças Da Minha Rua
Bom Dia, Amigo
Cavaleiro Andante
Chris, Christina
Ciranda Das águas
Duas meninas
Entre Nós
Era Uma Vez
Everybody knows
Luiza manequim
Manda ver
Menina da Bahia
Não Nasci Prá Ser Herói
New star
O Fado e o Cravo de Abril
Pena Verde
Pobre Del Cantor
Quando a gente cala
Que Menina, Que Graça
Quer saber…
Rico Sem Dinheiro
Rosa Cor-de-Rosa
Sabor maça
Sol Vermelho
Som & Luz
Trem Voador
Tudo Azul N’América do Sul
Velho de Guerra
Constellation du sens
Death for the Slave
End Of Hope, Begin Of The Conquest
L’Appel du Sang
Ode à la haine
Renaissance des abysses
As One
Blade Chord
Desert Rose
Down to You
Fre@k $HoW
Howling (tradução)
Innocent Sorrow
Innocent Sorrow (Tradução)
Lost Reason
Lost reason (Tradução)
Nervous Breakdown
Stay Away
Sweetest Coma Again
Via Dolorosa
Ameaça Fardada
Brasil Colônia, Zumbi
Ao Eterno Repúdio
Ave Baphomet
Batismo Satânico
Força Profana
Honras ao Profano
Para a Glória Infernal
The Gate of Nanna (Beherit cover)
Almas perdidas
Eterna infinidad
La Delicada Majestuosidad de lo Nefasto
Un Recuerdo Triste y una Promesa
Link Of Change
Nel Nome Del Padre
What I’ll Never See
Broken Wings
Forsaken Wound
The Day Reality Hit
The Love Of My Life
2 Whom This May Concern
Bombs On You
Can’t Help It
Charlie Brown
Close Call
Come Out
Down Here
Feel This Way
Foo Dang
Gang related
Gimmie Ah Beat
Hated Me
Hey Yall
In The City
It Doesn’t Matta
Kill Me
Laugh At You
Now You Know
Oh No
Party At The Liquor Store
Put My Life On It
Stick And Move
Sticky Icky Situation
Trees And Woods
Up My Sleeve
Way We Roll
We There Yet
While You’re Sleeping
Yo’ Neden’s Haunted
Counting Down
Glassmade Stars
Keyless Padlock
Ripped Wings
The Haven
Constant Stillness
To Breathe And To Suffocate
When The Blackened Candles Shine
Ad Libitium
As I Face The Eternity
As The Dove Falls Torn Apart
Denial (The Way Of The Strong)
Erased, Relived
I Will Be Your God
If Emotions Still Burn
Into The Land Of Dreams
Machine Supreme
Mournful Serenade
My Last Journey
My Revenge To Come
Plague Of Mine
Retention Of Illusion
Rise Above The Storming Sea
Shrouded Are The Pleasures Of Flesh
Slit Wide Open
The Battle
The Rain That Falls
The Return Of The Mighty Raven
The Truth Is Sold
Thou Shalt Forever Suffer
Where The Strong Live Forever
Fire Flower
Ablepsia Nocturna
Angels Depraved
Capricho de Goya
Dogta Ignorancia
Morning Still In Darkness Lost
Mutismo Espiritual
Sentenced To Existence
Siglos de Dolor
The Prophecy
Ablepsia Nocturna
Angels Depraved
Morning Still In Darkness Lost
Sentenced To Existence
The Prophecy
Dream Child
Hell Abloom
Tears Of A Mandrake
Thy Serpent Calm Blinking
Eºgalimdi Eºkiya
Yaþamadým Relax ( Savaþ )
’K Geef Gene Fok
Algemeen Beskaafd Nederlanz
Alo Wa
Ando Desligado
Back Up!
Barbietrut (tradução)
Blah Blah Blah
Bloed, Zweet En Treinen
De Nederhop-Invasie (Intro)
De Vierde Kaart
Ik Ben Wie Ik Ben
Jezus Is Cool
Laat Los!
Mental: Posse Track
Moe Van Jou
Nie Vandoag
Politie Politie
Politie Polutie
Straat Ego (trip)
Te Veel Mc’s
Tong Song
Vet En Fonky
Vuilbak Van Men Ziel
We Zijn Back
Wie Is Het
Ze Is Weg
Bloody Orders
Follow The Evil
Welcome To Hell
Abney Park
Black Day
Bleed You
Building The Walls
Cellophane Wings
Change Cage
Child King
Dead Silence
Holy War
No Life
Stigmata Martyr
The Box
The Only One
The Root Of All Evil
The Shadow Of Life
The Wake
The Wrong Side
Thorns and Brambles
Tiny Monster
Twisted And Broken
When Darkness Come
White Wedding
Fallen In Eternal Dislove
Cure for Obscure
Inside Nowhere
Outside Nothing
Meu Vício
Não Há Chances
El Cuento de Tu Vida
Apa Apa Saja
Apa Nak Jadi
Berjumpa Dan Berpisah
Bola Bola Bola
Can Mali Can
Duit Duit
Enjit-Enjit Semut
Gadis Cantik
Kerja Kerja Kerja
Kita Kita Kita
Lama Tak Jumpa
Macam-Macam Hal
Rasa Sayang
Yang Penting Happy
Coisas de Amor
Quando Te Encontrei
Quero Te Encontrar
A Time Of Rememberance
Age Of Chaos
Beyond Spectral Plains
Calls From Beyond
Child Of The Sky
Corrupting Morality
Dark Endless Time
Dawn Of Despair
Desecration Of Life
Echoes Of Sorrow
Enternal Emptyness
Goddess Of The Night
In Mourning
Intentionally Accussed
Never Truly Dead
On Death’s Wings
Pinnacle Of Hate
Portal Of Madness
Severed Dreams
Shadows Land
The Beauty Of Our Savage Ways
The Dark Mystery
The Ecstasy Of Sufferance
The Fallen
The Way After
Tommorows End
Treasures Of Darkness
Unspeakable Horrors
Visual Conquest
Global Viscera
Remains Dormant
Blood For Oil
Impending Doom
Industrial Sickness
Life And Death
Murder, Rape, Pillage And Burn
Pull The Plug
Redeem Deny
Suicidal Dreams
The Choice
They’re Dead
Tunnel Of Damnation
Victim Of The Future
Will They Bleed
Desecrator of Sanctuary
Abomination… of Creation
Burn on Behalf of God
Diabolical Redemption
Hated by the Flames
Murder, Rape, Pillage And Burn
Real Glory Revealed
Smell of Death
The Emptiness of the Flesh
Blood Is Thicker Than Water (Impaled Nazarene Cover)
All Souls Night
Bog Mraka
Choir Of An Ancient Kingdom
Duh Predaka
Kapija Nava
U Krosnjama Abonosa
Alagoinhas Garden
Deus é Brasileiro
Por Trás do Pano
Tédio Em Vila Rica
…And Carnage Basked In It’s Own Ebullience
A Cold Logistic Slaughter
A Methodical Overture
A Murmur In Decrepit Wits
Act of Supremacy
An Odious Emanation
Archetype: Malice & Scorn
Blood Fixing The Bled
Chainsaw Caesarean
Charted Carnal Effigy
Clinical Colostomy
Close To Decomposing
Corpse For The Theft
Dead Wreckoning
Descend To Extirpation
Engineering The Dead
Eructations Of Carnal Artistry
Exhuming The Infested (Necro-Eroticism Part 2)
Gestated Rabidity
Human Decay
Ingenuity In Genocide
Mass Emission
Medical Deviance
Mentally Aborted
Meticulous Invagination
Nailed Through Her Cunt
Ophiolatry On A Hemocite Platter
Ornaments Of Derision
Parasitic Flesh Resection
Pestiferous Subterfuge
Pleasure Of Molestation
Prolific Murder Contrivance
Rope To Tie
Rotten To The Core
Sanguine Verses (…Of Extirpation)
Sea Of Cartilage
Skullfuck Crescendo
Sphinctral Enthrallment
Surprise! You’re Dead
The Chondrin Enigma
The Chyme Congeries
The Foul Nucleus Of Resurrection
The Gangrenous Epitaph
The Holocaust Incarnate
The Inertia
The Lament Configuration
The Saw & The Carnage Done
The Spaying Séance
Threading On Vermillion Deception
To Roast & Grind
Underneath Rorulent Soil
Voracious Haemoglobinic Syndrome
A Dança
Admirável Mundo Novo
Ainda é cedo
Anúncios de Refrigerantes
Baader-Meinhof Blues nº1
Boomerang Blues
Bottlefloot Song
Conexão Amazônica
Construção Civil
Dado Viciado
Despertar dos Mortos
Ficção Científica
Geração Coca-Cola
Head On
Helicópteros no Céu
Love Song One
Mais uma vez
Música Urbana
Não Ditas Por Mim
No fun my babe,no fun
O Grande Inverno da Rússia
O Que Eu Não Disse
O Que Eu Quero
O Reggae
Pride day
Que País é Este
Tempo Perdido
Veraneio Vascaína
Vicios Modernos
Abort Us
Devil I’ll Be
Dollar Sign Smile
God Vision
Process Of Elimination
Revenge Now Sworn
A Dog-Eat-Dog World
Antichristian Codec
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Black Hole Spell
Chernobyl Generation
Come Thou Lung Expected Jesus
Det Som En Gang Var
Digital Goat Masque
Disgust and Rage (Sic transit Gloria Mundi)
Faustian Spirit Of The Earth
Fire Walk With Us
Here Is No God S.T.A.
Horrenda Pecata Christi
I Reject!
Love The Death As The Life
Man Bites God
Me(N)Tal Striken Terror Action
Metal Striken Terror Action
Our Sentence
Out Of Shell
Praise The Beast
Roma Divina Urbs
Ruinrama Colossal S.P.Q.R.
Suffer Catalyst
The Alienation Of A Blackened Heart
The Black Deicide
The First Four Trumpets
The Triumph
U.V. Impaler
Wehrmacht Kali Ma
With No Human Intervention
I Wish
A Heart For A Tongue
Dialing For Disclosure (Not Finished)
If I Could Write You A Symphony It Would Be Entitled Failure
Love Is War
Love Is War (tradução)
Not So Hidden Track
What If I Died Tomorrow
Alone Tonight
Can’t Sleep
Far From In Love
For all I care
Good For Me (feat Zoe Johnston)
Liquid love
Moonlight awakening
No One On Earth
Stealing Time
My Point Exactly
Oh … Now I Get It
Revenge Is Sweet And Sour
Something You’ll Never Forget
Alone Tonight
Can’t Sleep
Adventures Of …
Another Execution
Black Superman
Call It What U Want
City Of Angels Remix
Concrete Jungle
Dose Of The Mega Flex Feat Snow
Everything Will Be Alright
Flow On
Freedom Of Speech
Just Kickin’
Killaz In The Park
La Vibe
Livin Like Hustlers
Menace To Society
Murder Rap
My World
Pimpology 101
Soul Searching
Summer Days
The Last Song
Xo Wit Me
Xo Wit Me Feat Jayo Felony
Burn The Daylights Outs
City Of Locust
Deceiver Within
In Designing A Requiem
Miles Apart
My Kiss Of Death
What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse
When Screams Go Silent

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